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Beat those wrinkles with help from Emu

Beloved by many seeking to defy the ageing process, Botox works by paralysing the muscles that are responsible for creating wrinkles.  In the process, however, agesketch.jpgaccording to one American report to reach us, the surrounding muscles react by over-compensating and thus causing new wrinkles. 

Not surprisingly, alternative methods of keeping the wrinkles at bay have appeal, especially natural products, and the latest to cross the Atlantic and hit UK shores is a range based upon the natural wonders of Emu oil.

Emu oil has, of course, been around for some time but seems to be benefitting from new marketing, not only in the US but also Australia. There is a great deal of information about the beneficial properties of this oil on the web, and farms producing it in the US, Australia and Canada but the UK does not seem to stocking the countryside with flocks of emus yet, so we are havingdremuoil.jpg to import it.

This latest American range called Dremu promises triple refined emu oil products that "reverse the ageing process by utilising its (the oil's) natural penetrating and wide range of therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties". That may sound like hype but there is a host of brands now on the market that sing its praises, not just for cosmetic use but also for skin rashes, pain relief and arthritis.

Dremu offers wrinkle cream, moisturiser, cleanser, eye cream, massage oil and other products, including this 15ml bottle of pure oil at £35, all availabale online at www.amazingemuoil.co.uk


The sun-kissed look endures

AGAINST all advice, men and women continue to like getting tanned.  Despite all the warnings that it ages us, causes damage to the skin and may develop skin cancer, come Summer the desire to look sun-kissed and beautifully brown seems  hardly diminished.
Further evidence, if it were needed, that when it comes to appearance, we will go to any lengths in pursuit of perceived beauty.

tanbio.jpgThere can be no doubt that a bronzed, healthy appearance is attractive.  Happily, the wide range of options now available to achieve this without necessarily toasting in the sun gets ever wider and better, and many are now produced specifically for men.

One such is the Biotherm Homme range of bronzing products.  This covers a bronze tinted moisturiser, a bronze concealer and a bronzing powder with brush applicator. The  moisturiser is said to give a healthy, natural-looking tan that may be rinsed off, won’t stain clothing or hands and is safe for all skin types. Price is £20.  These products have been added to the existing Biotherm range of skin, shave and body care lines. Check out www.mankind.co.uk for this and other grooming aids.


  Spring 07 edition

:: SAVILE ROW Style Magazine ::


This edition focuses attention upon the London Season, with all its fixtures and the social whirl that goes with them. And the forthcoming ban on smoking in public places also prompts a look at the prospects for smokers here.

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BEETROOT, that mundance vegetable, is the unlikely rival to Viagra in the sex appeal stakes.

It contains a high level of the mineral Boron that has proven to influence the production of sex hormones and has traditionally been regarded as an aphrodisiac, we are advised.

Now it is being bottle and the James White Organic Beetroot Juice is coming to a Waitrose near you, with a promise of stirring up your sex life at just £2.59 per bottle.