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Byron’s Choice

The poet liked Spey malt whisky and a new one commemorates his wedding choice. George Chamier feels it would have met with his approval. If you had been a man about town in the Regency period you would probably have bumped into Lord Byron, in… Read More

The Golden Winner

Winner of this year’s Golden Shears award is golden boy Joe Holsgrove, 20 year old trainee at Denman & Goddard, who managed to triumph over strong competition from a highly talented field of young tailors. The Golden Shears competition takes place every two years and… Read More

The Bachelor

The modern bachelor may no longer benefit from a Jeeves but he hardly needs one. Blessed with sufficient bucks in the bank, the unattached man of 2015 has the world as his oyster. A modern pad will provide all the facilities a Jeeves might, and… Read More

Bowers & Wilkins Headphones

These wireless headphones from Bowers & Wilkins will be a boon for anyone anxious to screen out seasonal songs and jollity. From the P5 Series 2 range, they give precision hi-fi sound, are made in quality leather and aluminium, and priced at £329.99.

A phone case that protects more than the phone

Here’s an interesting product. The new Wavewall  phone case is designed to help prevent male infertility, a problem that is on the increase. Studies have shown that mobile phone radiation is a prime cause of male infertility. This case claims to block the radiation. If it… Read More