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Count on these boxes of delight

Count on these boxes of delight

It’s always a problem. Snaffling away evening trinkets by the bedside table, writes Robin Dutt.

Why only the other night, this writer thought he lost his 1930s sapphire ring which only on returning to the scene of the ‘crime’ (and resigned to its loss) discovered it between the creased sheets of a worrisome bed. The answer to assuage concern must be Ettinger’s collection of elegant goat leather boxes with a reassuring snap fastening which will store your night time jewels, ensuring you will only have sweet dreams.

Whilst the concept of a bedside leather box or tray is nothing new, the company gently reminds that as a gentleman and perhaps, that (still) gentleman having enjoyed an evening’s revels must take care of his jewels. A signet ring seems wedded to the pinky but what about studs, tie bars, stick pins? There are especially 18th century stories a-plenty concerning those who sought out the cleaning jobs at grand houses and semi palaces, where they could be sure that amidst the detritus left by pleasure and combing through filth and vomit, there just might be lost diamonds and gold accessories which fell from wigs and coats in abundance. Nice work if you can get it, as someone once sang…

Ettinger’s boxes are made from this versatile Capra leather and lined with butter soft suede, the former being available in jet black, forest green and marine blue. And the newest addition to the range is the oblong valet, the ideal place to keep jewellery, watches and pens and even spectacles. How many times have you lost yours temporarily down the back of a sofa? It happens! Robert Ettinger commented: “We are always excited when launching new products, collections and colours but this new Capra Ecru really is a lovely combination of colours and materials. It is also the only collection where we have a contrasting leather and suede combination as usually, we complement the two.”

So, whilst one won’t quite vote for abstinence when it comes to a night’s jolly, if you have an Ettinger at home, you won’t lose your diamonds in the sheets – or anywhere else, for that matter. Rest easy, as you turn out the lights…

Capra Ecru Small Stud and jewellery Box £120
Capra Ecru Large jewellery roll – £160
Valet trays from £105

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