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Savile Row Diners’ Club: Chutney Mary

Savile Row Diners’ Club: Chutney Mary

Savile Row Diners’ Club enjoys its first sitting at Chutney Mary.

The inaugural meeting of the Savile Row Diners’ Club took place early in July when representatives from several tailors including Henry Poole, Dege & Skinner, Gieves & Hawkes and Richard Anderson met in the stupendous environs of Chutney Mary in London’s St James’s.

The idea behind the club, which plans to meet regularly, is to explore the worlds of fine dining and the elegant presentation of clothing – some might say, a natural fit. Chutney Mary is of course a well-established name in the restaurant world and something of a first.

The concept of fine Indian dining in London and the very special ambience of the place has indeed been tailored to your palette with an ample variety of tastes and textures, colours and surprises with a backdrop of stylish lighting which gives the interior, although vast, a cosy and intimate feel.

The staff were congenial and exactly correct in their smart dress and, as Operations Director, a most genial Preman Mohan explained the reason for Chutney Mary’s popularity, with a glance around the packed room simply confirming his convictions.

The elegance of the table settings, the almost impossibly balletic and tall Martini glasses, and the little dish-bowls fizzing with delicate spiced food all helped put everyone in the mood to praise the essential compulsion of a venue like this and how every elegant meal calls for sartorial presentation.

Although no dress code was suggested, all the gentlemen wore suits. And rarely did the subject stray from the importance of presentation – whether in the kitchen or the workshop. Totally fitting – forgive the pun!

Robin Dutt

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