A World of Treasures in Berkeley Square

Long a precious centre of Mayfair life, Barkeley Square excelled itself in riches this autumn, sheltering an abundance of treasures that attracted a well-heeled crowd of admirers. The annual art and antiques fest that is the LAPADA event was taking place, attracting art and antique… Read More

The joy of Collecting

Antiques are self-selecting, only the fittest survive – and their survival is testimony to the quality of their manufacture and how much they were cherished. We ask seven members of LAPADA, the largest Association of Art & Antiques Dealers in the UK, to offer their… Read More

Lining up for Art in Berkeley Square

Birthday celebration draws the crowds to a treasure trove Although a London and international institution, it might be hard to realise that LAPADA (The Association of Art and Antique Dealers) celebrated its 40th birthday last year. Established – some might say, a mite audaciously –… Read More

London the world centre for art and antiques

A trilogy of shows combine to attract exhibitors and collectors from around the globe Preceding the LAPADA show, two other major exhibitions confirmed London’s pre-eminence as the city of art and antiques. The wonderful Masterpiece show took place early in the summer, the fifth year… Read More