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JS Watch: The world’s most exclusive watchmaker

JS Watch: The world’s most exclusive watchmaker

They sell to the stars but are known only to the few

JS Watch, a collaboration of Master watch maker, collector and high end designer was established in 2005 and its dedication to the highest standards of horology mean it is now recognised as an exceptionally desirable, high end timepiece, combining superb movements, highest quality materials with top design. A small business with a philosophy to create and sell ‘only the very best’ has seen JS watches rise in stature with watch collectors, enthusiasts and connoisseurs all enjoying the finest quality limited edition watches around their wrists.

It is probably the world’s smallest watchmaker, located in a very small shop in one of the world’s smallest countries, Iceland and yet they produce the most exquisitely crafted and sought-after hand made watches.

In this era of electronic, battery-powered watches, you might expect that automatic mechanical watches had passed into history. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a greater demand for high quality timepieces that will outlast the temporary electronic watch phenomenon.

You can be defined by your choices. There are watches for the mass market and there are those watches that are individualised, personalised collectors’ items, works of art that are cherished for generations. These are investments – especially those limited editions. Yet, they have a key place in the lives of the wearers. Kings, princesses, international leaders from East and West, film stars, rock idols – all have made their way to the small shop on Laugavegur, Reykjavik’s main shopping street, to select their own watch, have it assembled and personalised just for them, a testament to their discernment of true quality.

Like Switzerland, Iceland enjoys a spectacular landscape, full of natural awe. Similarly, Iceland shares the Swiss obsession with efficiency and detail – it’s this ‘Icelandic attention to detail’ and meticulous nature which lends itself well to precision engineering and its rugged landscape and harsh climate demands quality and durability in most things – all attributes the craftsmen and watchmakers at JS hold most dear. From its humble and modest beginning with a single line of watches, JS watches now boast a range of excellence to compete with the very best.

The collection consists of 5 different watch lines with the option to chose between selections of dials, hands and straps and few special edition watches produced in a limited quantity. All the watches are designed and assembled by hand in Iceland by master watch makers. Only the highest quality movements and materials are used to produce each watch and every detail has been given the attention needed for perfection. The watches are not mass produced, but limited in production giving them an exclusive and truly personal feel.

Master Watchmaker Gilbert O. Gudjonsson with more than 45 years of experience has produced watches for people like Viggo Mortensen, Quentin Tarantino, Tom Cruise and the 14th Dalai Lama to name just a few – remarkable given their relatively short history.

Gudjonsson commented, “We not only take pride in our watches, but also our customer care. It’s very important for us that the people who buy our timepieces know the level of perfection we try and achieve. Although we aim to get that message across on our international sales, nothing can beat talking to someone face to face and welcoming them into our workshop.”