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Modern manliness: A 21st-century guide

Modern manliness: A 21st-century guide

By Jane Sandwood

Let’s face it. Manliness is not what it was once defined as decades ago. Reports claim that women are now making up half the entire workforce in America and are even becoming the primary breadwinner. While progress is still needed to improve equality, it does signify the change we are all facing in the modern day. Today, the 21st-century man isn’t a clone-like figure that produces the same style and haircut, but rather the modern attitude that is reshaping our generation. In this guide, we will discuss what it takes to embrace masculinity and see the variety in the modern man. Here’s the 21st-century guide to modern manliness.

Master the Art of Grooming

As more quality product brands and salons such as Murdock and The Refinery continue to rise, the 21st-century man must master the art of proper grooming and tend to the hair and skin with care. With the recorded 13% growth in sales for men’s grooming products in 2016, new reports claim that the market for men’s personal care will continue to rise up to $166 billion by 2022, according to the Allied Market Research.

Make Your Home A Castle

As the saying goes, “A man’s home is his castle.” While some men picture the house from their childhood, others go for the total opposite. Consider your lifestyle as the foundation of your home. Do you have a family? Consider having an open-space home in a safe neighbourhood. Are you a bachelor that enjoys a night out? Opt for an apartment in the city. Most guys aim to keep their homes near their workplace and favourite spots to hang out.

Redefine the “American Dream”

For modern men, the previous “American Dream” is no longer focused on becoming the richest man or the four-bedroom home with a large yard. Today, the 21st-century men are focused on becoming a provider as well as being present for their family. The success within his own family, such as positive relations with his partner and children, is what he finds the most fulfilling.

Make Your Style

Modern guys enjoy the classic style rather than the passing trends. Create your own sense of style that suits you. The best way you can create the perfect style is to build your wardrobe around timeless pieces. The key strategy in the perfect man’s style is the metrosexual look. This is for men who are clean, well groomed, smell wonderful, and dressed to a tee.

Build Emotion Power Just As You Would With Physical Power

On average, the ideal physical frame from men is having toned, ripped muscles. While staying fit is a great way to extend your healthy life and stay in shape, it also helps improve your overall appearance. However, this isn’t all that makes the 21st-century man. It’s how you influence the world around you. Watch documentaries, visit museums, indulge your leisure time in reading books, and expand your horizons through travel.

Become Hand-On in Gender Neutral Roles 

Today’s modern man is moving beyond the so-called gender roles and becoming hand’s on with his family. With only 22% of men in the United States claim that showing emotion is a sign of weakness, this goes to show that more men are comfortable with their partner earning more than them.

Furthermore, the new definition of masculinity requires men to take the stand and rebrand what it takes to be a man in the 21st-century. When paired with respect, men must forego the standard of masculinity and have the freedom to define their own sense of taste, style, interest, and what it takes to be a modern man.