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The Modern Man’s Guide to Growing a Beard

The Modern Man’s Guide to Growing a Beard

By Jane Sandwood

With the fashion of facial hair still going strong, YouGov research shows that 42% of men had facial hair in 2016. Most of which had come from full-grown beards. The popularity has grown so much that 35% of men in Glasgow – Britain’s clean-shaved capital, have facial hair.

Say goodbye to the daily routines of morning shaves and get ready for the season of beards. Let the winter season put your razor into hibernation and start growing that hair stubble you have always wanted. As every 21st-century man should learn to master the art of proper grooming, be sure to grow your hair out the right way.

Pick a Style

Not every style of beard will compliment your face shape, which is why it is important to choose a style that suits your features. This will make all the difference between looking like David Beckham or Tom Hanks in Castaway. Try adding balance to your facial structure. Angular faces tend to have sunken cheeks that can be filled in with long hair, while round faces will look best with strong hairlines.

The Proper Wash

Just like the hair on top of your head, your bread needs to be regularly washed, conditioned and treated. Using sulfate-free shampoo will help strengthen your threads and condition the ends. Remember that facial hair tends to be stiff, which means you will need to soften the ends with leave-in conditioner. Applying beard oil will moisturize the facial hair and the skin beneath.

Keep it Trimmed and Neat

There is a difference between a man with a beard and another who does not want to shave. Contrary to what many believe, beards require regular trims and maintenance. Depending on the style of beard you have, you will need to clean the line up at the top and around the neck on a daily or weekly basis. Just be sure to shave along the grain with warm water and change the razor weekly.

Be Patient

Start growing your beard when you feel less stressed. According to the Calm Clinic, hair loss is common with stress. If this is your first time grow a beard, it can take at least a month to see major growth. When using the right cleanser and exfoliator, it will be easier for your hair to reach the surface and grow strong.

Lastly, give your hair the nutrients it needs. While a healthy diet is best for proper hair growth, make sure you are getting enough vitamins, especially related to testosterone. Consider vitamin B complexes like L-Arginine, Tribulus, and L-Glutamine to help fight hair loss and color in your facial hair.

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