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To the salt mines with poor breathers

So it is off to the salt mines of Romania for those suffering from asthma, hay fever or other such respiratory inconveniences. It's either that or a salt pipe in your home, if the latest advice is to be believed.

Magrom Health Spa reports that sufferers in Romania and Hungary have traditionally headed for the salt mines to cure their respiratory problems, but where once the surroundings were less than convivial, saltchurch.jpgthey have now been transformed. Luxurious and relaxing spa centres have been set up to provide a range of treatments based upon the beneficial effects of salt.

A reviving holiday at a salt mine is now an option. The Magrom Health Spa is situated on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, in a beautiful forest setting and with not a mine shaft in sight. There is even a church in the salt, as here.

Alternatively, for those who might prefer to try the treatment at home first, the Saltpipe is available. Active ingredients in The Saltpipe device are rock salt crystals from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine, which has been mined since the 2nd Century AD. It is said to be helpful for a wide range of allergies and breathing problems and is available from Tower Health at £29.95 www.tower-health.co.uk


Romans, Greeks, Vikings inspire thermal bliss

British men are following the habits of Romans, Greeks and Vikings and seeking out thermal treatments to relieve modern stress, according to health hydro, Ragdale Hall.

ragdalepoolbynight.jpgTo cater for the pampering desired, a new multi-million pound, state-of-the-art thermal spa is opening this autumn at the Hall, which "draws on inspiration from the greatest spas around the world and features Scandinavian, European, Greek and Japanese influences", we are told.

Offering twelve water experiences, it is likened to an adult indoor playground and aims to restore the equilibrium of the most jaded of gents. Above, one pool by night. For further information go to www.ragdalehall.co.uk


Boost your memory in a week

Brains need grooming too. In addition to a range of electronic brain trainers on the market, there is now a book out, which claims to make your memory sharper in just 7 days.

'Age-proof Your Brain' is by Tony Buzan, described as the guru of grey matter. He maintains that there is absolutely no substance to the generally held belief that the human brain necessarily deteriorates with age, and that quite the opposite is true. The crucial thing is to give the brain plenty of practice - and that is where this book comes in. With games and puzzles, word play and brain stretching exercises, it offers a 7-day programme and then at the end of 8 weeks, your brain should be 10 years younger! Pity about the body. By Harper Thorsons, at £12.99.


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A DEARTH of summer sun has left British males looking like so many milk bottle men, according to male grooming salon, Genco,which is now offering a bronzing treatment to remedy the problem.

This includes exfoliation before the bronzing solution is applied, gives a natural looking tan, and costs from £20.

The Genco salon in London was designed specifically for men, offers all sorts of grooming and massage treatments and even has an on-site bar. www.genco-uk.com