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Top expert provides best solutions for business jet acquisitions

Top expert provides best solutions for business jet acquisitions

“Our clients save time and money in the complex environment of business aviation,” says Virginie Clément, Founder and CEO of STM Aircraft. Headquartered in Switzerland, STM Aircraft and Virginie Clement IS your partner in the business aviation industry when you plan on acquiring or selling your aircraft.

She adds: “We realise our clients’ time is precious. So we make it simple and efficient to select and acquire the best business jet fit for them. This has allowed our clients to focus on the quality time with their beloved ones while the transaction flows swiftly. It also has given them the best partner in making sure their transaction is done properly, legally and at the best financial situation for them!”

The company’s awareness of jet owners’ desires allows for specified counseling and guidance to our clients in aircraft acquisition or sale (new or preowned), as well as aircraft ownership experience.

STM Aircraft combines with its team more than 35 years of experience in business aviation and working directly with manufacturers such as Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault, Textron and Pilatus amongst others. The company recognised that its core mission is to serve the best interest of its clients. “We will only select the services and assets which fulfill our clients’ requirements,” states Virginie, pictured left.

STM Aircraft unequivocal commitment to its clients is backed by key values: Independence – as an independent specialist, the company is free of any in-house inventory and isn’t tied to specific aircraft manufacturers; Partnership – STM Aircraft builds a true partnership with its clients, supporting them through the entire ownership experience; Thinking out of the box – the company’s team is dedicated to finding the best solution for its clients, bringing in new ideas and innovative concepts; Integrity and Transparence – Your interest is assured by setting mandates details from the outset, thus enabling a relationship based on mutual trust and integrity.

Mandating STM Aircraft for your aircraft transaction enables you to save time for yourself whilst not missing opportunities, and having the right team to oversee an important transaction. We will be accountable for your transaction flow, work proactively to avoid delays in delivery and focus on reducing all costs.

Ready to know what your aircraft is currently worth on the market or to select your next business jet?

Contact our team NOW for a confidential evaluation and kick start an exciting journey! You will be offered a deeper analysis of your situation at preferred rate. Contact us now at

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