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A dazzling writing jewel

A dazzling writing jewel

For the first time, Caran d’Ache places the art of engraving on the centre stage to create an enhanced slim
lined Léman writing instrument. Léman Slim Lights has a baguette diamond guillochage,
reminiscent of a dazzling jewel. An exceptional design with a cascading body, this collection
glitters as it plays with light to create infinite reflections. Léman Slim Lights is a subtle blend of precious
materials that is magnified by the traditional guillochage technique, still upheld by Caran d’Ache today.

The Léman Slim Lights collection is brought to life by Caran d’Ache’s craftspeople, with a process similar to that of the leading jewellery houses. The polishing reveals the rhodium-coated silver of the instrument’s body, so its attributes shine in the best light, while the countless engraved prisms lend the appearance of a diamond. A delicately lacquered white button is the perfect finishing touch to this finely-crafted masterpiece. Caran d’Ache carries out this meticulous technique from start to finish in the
Geneva-based workshop.

Léman Slim Lights seamlessly joins Caran d’Ache’s signature Léman collection, which has paid homage to
the beautiful hues of Lake Geneva for over 20 years. The intensity of the seasons, the glittering waves and
the magic of lakeside nights are reinterpreted in these truly essential writing instruments. With its
streamlined body, the exceptionally light Léman Slim instruments offer easy handling and optimum writing
comfort, complete with a touch of timeless elegance.

The Léman Slim Lights are available as a fountain pen, roller pen or ballpoint pen to purchase from

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