Peak Season

Switzerland may not be the first place to consider when planning a summer break. All those mountains and snow makes one instantly think of winter, skiing and the odd glass of gluhwein! Think again as Switzerland is a place for all seasons.  That dramatic backdrop… Read More

Treasure Island

Mauritius – the opportunists dream: a magnetic, paradisiac retreat, enticing finance, industry and luxury. With the cold drawing in, it’s not hard to see why so many are jetting off in chase of some winter sun. However, in this increasingly globalised world it’s getting harder… Read More

Travel Shorts

Orient Express saving The Orient Express continues to have pulling power, its iconic status undoubtedly boosted by Agatha Christie. Now known now as the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, it poses an expensive train ride to Venice, given that only one night is spent aboard. But for… Read More

A Dream Come True

Off the beaten track in the Pelopponese Way down south, at the very tip of Greece that dangles into the blue depths of the Mediterranean Sea, lies the Pelopponese peninsula. Remote and starkly beautiful, it exudes a quiet tranquillity, but those who remember their history… Read More

Dubai The Modern Metropolis

The city was quiet, too quiet. On the broad streets, there was only the occasional glimpse of a solitary figure. Where was everyone? They were inside of course, out of the glare of the sun and the 40-plus temperature. In a city where zillionaires are… Read More