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Fashion designer Lena launches latest collection

Fashion designer Lena launches latest collection

Lena McCroary, a young female fashion designer launched her latest collection of embellished blazers under her new brand Sanne. Held at London’s popular club Tape London – a firm favourite among celebrities such as Rihanna and rapper Drake – Sanne presented an impressive display of embellished blazers. The collection featured traditional tweeds and Prince of Wales checks, adorned with pearl crocodiles, bronze embroidered snakes and diamond pin stripes.

Models wore the embellished blazers over black morph suits, positioned around a whimsical display of an upside down white tree hung up by 200 helium filed balloons. A creatively thought-out piece of video animation, made by artist Berne Bastian, showed scenes of 3D dragonflies and butterflies flying around on large screens surrounding the space.

Lena has touched upon a clever idea, using classic blazer cuts, and adorning them with playful embellishments, creates an exceptionally unique piece that also becomes effortlessly easy to wear with any outfit.

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