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Green proves that spring is here

Green proves that spring is here

By Robin Dutt

One of the perhaps most unlikely colours in the suiting and sartorial palette in general is green.  And at the Men’s Collections in January for autumn/winter, green was a palpable hit.  But it’s not only next season, there’s plenty of the green stuff around for spring/summer too, whether as an accent accessory or complete suit.

Ah… but there is green and then there is Green – and we are not talking about fashion staples like drab, olive and khaki shades.  Instead, think zingy limes, zesty emeralds and feisty spearmints, all of which work very well with solid blacks and navy hues – trousers, chinos and the like.  Even cords.  (Choose from Cordings’ established rainbow range).  Of course a slice of sharp green can do wonders – like a slice of lime in a Hendrick’s and Tonic, or perhaps consider a tie or even contrast laces to lift a workaday suit, no matter how well sculpted.

And it is not just because spring is definitely here… just look at the departing daffodils and bluebells.  Designers and fabric makers have realised that this often-neglected colour is strong and refined – especially when whipped up as a sharp suit, or even duster coat.  Forget the received opinion that the colour is unlucky and completely forget the Henry VIII ‘Greensleeves’ connection with all its associations to do with misfortune. Step out in confidence in the colour that the departing daffodils and crocuses would understand.