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Ben Cussons on his love of Savile Row – and motoring

Ben Cussons on his love of Savile Row – and motoring

By Robin Dutt

A mutual passion for motorcars is what brought Ben Cussons and Henry Poole together. He is a racing driver and Chairman of the RAC Motoring Committee, and both Angus and his son Simon Cundey of Poole are, to say the least, keen on cars.

“I’ve known Simon for some time, “ said Cussons. “Poole has a close relationship with Goodwood, as does the RAC, and Simon comes to the Goodwood meetings. This Spring, RAC members were invited to join in the prestigious 72nd Members’ Meeting of the Goodwood Road Racing Club, and for such an occasion, Simon suggested a new suit was warranted.”

And so Cussons joined David Gandy in being kitted out in a driving suit that should never see an oily rag near it. Made in the sort of sturdy, warm cloth that makes driving an open-top in British weather comfortable, Cussons is so delighted with his new three-piece suit that he has been won over to the joys of bespoke.

“My father had his suits made in Savile Row but I’ve not really felt the need for bespoke – until now. This is just so fantastic to wear, that I’m definitely going to order another.”

Based upon the styling used for a driving outfit Poole made for King Edward Vll, it has been suitably updated, with the addition of a mobile phone pocket. Made in a Glen Royal 14oz check from the Harrisons of Edinburgh range, it shows its country influence with the shooting pleats at the back, and its lovat and lilac colouring. Such colours are traditionally favoured for shooting clothes, to blend in with the countryside and so the game can’t see the hunter.

Cussons arrived at Poole’s in his splendid C-type Jag, the sports motor that he races, and which had passers-by stopping to photograph it. A well known and committed racer, he took part in the Collins Trophy race at Goodwood members’ meeting, up against Aston Martin, Ferrari and Maserati legends, finishing a creditable near third.