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The case for the cane

The case for the cane

By Robin Dutt

One might be thankful that trends are cyclic.  Not so long ago, no ensemble would have been complete without a cane and every hallstand from town to shire, an explosion of sticks informed, with confidence – intended for day, night, a seaside stroll or the opera.  Thank goodness we still have James Smith – legendary umbrella and stick shop now sadly surrounded by 21st century commercial detritus.  The amazing frontage remains the same from the early days.  But also consider Michael German just passed the dog leg bed on Kensington Church Street, London for canes you MUST shake a stick at dating from centuries ago.  Or drag out the contemporaneous in you and head to the sublime Guy West, whose Jeffery-West boutiques, known for their signature shoes for urban dandies (are there anyothers) also stock fine, tightly furled umbrella-canes with handles in the shapes of rearing cobra heads, crystal orbs clasped by bony hands, skulls and skeletal hands.  A walking cane is increasingly the accessoire du jour and every outfit will benefit when you judiciously pair.  And also… think of this. You will provide panache for yourself, appreciation in observers and have a device to point to that certain box of mushrooms in Waitrose when asked by an assistant. Well…if you want assistance.

Also, you will be a walking example of yesterday.  Today.

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