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VSOP - Very Special Opulent Presents

It may be more blessed to give than to receive but also blessed is he that is able to buy his own luxury presents.    Here, we offer a collection of Very Special treats, good for all seasons  -  splendid personal indulgences or indulgent presents.

THE man fortunate enough to have a wardrobe full of Savile Row suits needs another wardrobe – of watches. One splendid timepiece just won’t cut the mustard and a collection of watches is required, with more and more men indulging in what is seen as a new hobby.

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A watch wardrobe needs the basic foundation of dress watch, sporty model and classic business watch.   Then, it is a question of adding old and new models with distinctive features that promise to be valuable investments.

One place to go either to get started on this hobby or seek out a rare beauty to add to a collection is The Vintage Watch Company in the Burlington Arcade. This exclusive little emporium attracts customers from around the world, offering an incomparable collection of over 400 lovingly restored, vintage Rolex watches.

They say that once a customer becomes hooked on collecting, he may go on to purchase up to ten more pieces within a few years, representing a considerable investment, and may also get his wife or girlfriend interested.

The shop specialises in the 1915 to 1960 period, with watches in gold, silver and steel, round and rectangular faces, each one unique, and the company will help customers find specific models.

The vintage models pictured here are all Rolex timepieces, priced from £2,950 for the Rolex Oyster to £10,900 for the square faced design. www.vintagewatchcompany.com



Discover vaults stuffed full of wonderful treasures hidden silvercandle.jpgbeneath a bland building, just off London’s Chancery Lane.  Here, jumbled together are magnificent candlebra, crested shields, ornate chalices, gleaming tableware and much more, in a market of small, strong-room shops that comprise the London Silver Vaults.

These have been here since the 1950s but the concept dates back to 1876, when The Chancery Lane Safe Deposit was opened. It was to provide secure rooms to hold the treasure of wealthy Londoners but gradually was taken over by silver dealers as a silverjugs.jpgplace to hold their stock.  And the quality and price of the silver on sale attracted international collectors – which in turn attracted more silver dealers to rent rooms

A glittering display is on now for the festive season. The magnificent Regency candelabra above is a very special investment, but throughout the Vaults are many smaller, more reasonably priced yet well crafted silver items, starting from £100. The jugs on the left are from a wide selection.
Check www.thesilvervaults.com



  Winter 08 edition

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THERE are How to books on everything but one on how to fly an aircraft did seem to be stretching the capabilities of learn-at-home literature to a somewhat hazardous degree. 

planebook.jpgYet this illustrated guide claims to set would-be pilots on the road to cockpit success, covering the fundamentals of flying from take-off to landing.

It is written by Nick Barnard, stunt flyer extraordinaire and founder of the Yakovlevs formation aerobatics display team, which puts on hair-raising shows around the country.Thames & Hudson, price £14.95.

TO PUT such book learning to the test, our novice will ultimately have to take to the skies, before which a practical lesson or two seems sensible.   There are many flying schools offering lessons and gift vouchers online -  indeed, there are online lessons to augment the book learning - but for practical, on-the-job tutoring, the British Airways Flying Club promises to provide a sound take-off.  A 20min session starts at £99, gift vouchers available.   Go to www.bafc.co.uk