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Giving this hand crafted corset with waist accentuating band to the one you love may not be entirely altruistic – but it could bring some excitement to Christmas morning . From the wonderfully sexy Eternal Spirits jewelledbrastraps.jpgcollection, its designer Susi Henson was recently awarded ‘Best Corsetiere’ title. See more of her luxurious, seductive corsetry and lingerie, made to order, as worn by a gaggle of celebrity names, on www.eternalspirits.com

Alternatively, here's a sparkling idea that caters to the current trend for ladies to show off their bra straps. These jewelled straps may be clipped onto a strapless bra, as here, or worn to cover or complement straps on a bra.

In a variety of beads and crystals, they sell from £15 to £30 a pair, in stores and specialty shops, called simply Glamourous Bra Straps, and the full range is available from their website www.glamourousbrastraps.co.uk

A girl can't have too many fine watches - and the young lady here is showing off two from the a.b.art collection. Ankle wearing may artwatch.jpgseem impractical but it would bring a whole new interest toasking someone for the time of day - much better than asking a policeman.

These are stylish Swiss watches in the clean, Bauhaus tradition, with soft leather straps in a range of colours.They are likely to be collectors items too, as some designs have been chosen as Modern Classics for the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Available in the UK exclusively online at www.abart-uk.com, they offer reasonably priced quality at £105 to £235.


Toy to master the combustion engine

Destined to be a great hit for men and women as well as children is a new toy-come-practical kit that reveals the mysteries of the combustion engine.

'Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine' is a enginetoy.jpgkit that builds up into a realistic working model of the power unit typically found under the bonnet of today's family cars.

Haynes, famous for their manuals, promises that the constructor will be able "to fully understand the workings of a car's internal combustion engine by
lighting up key parts - such as pistons, valvegear, fanbelt and sparkplugs - and providing authentic sound".

They claim that the kit is easy to construct, and provides genuine insight into how real engines work, as well as being great fun to complete. It's an ideal way, they suggest, for children (aged from 10 upwards) and parents to 'bond' over a common engineering goal.

Trouble is father may want to take charge, while the children could be quicker on the building, with mother having to mediate. At just £24.99, perhaps it would be safer to have one each - but definitely a good present. In toyshops, bookshops and other retailers.



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TWO years after his death, George Best remains the star pin-up of football, once called by Pele “the greatest footballer the world has ever bestbook.jpgseen”.  And a new book to add to the reams already written about him has just been published, which claims to tell the inside story not told before.

‘Memories of George Best’  by Christopher Hilton and Ian Cole carries many previously unpublished photos and interviews with a raft of people who were close to George. Published by Sportsbooks, price £14.99.


ITS THAT time of year when games are in. Beating Monopoly, Trivial Pursuits and Scrabble hands down, the jigsaw puzzle remains the UK’s favourite board game according to recent retail figures, outselling all other comers.

The first one was invented by an Englishman, John Spilsbury, in 1760, who mounted a map of England on a thin sheet of mahogany board, used a hand held fretsaw to cut round the county boundaries, and then sold the boxed pieces for children to assemble. It has gone on to delight people of all ages all over the world and, despite the inroads of technological gadgets, the jigsaw is now more popular than ever.

Riding on this popularity, Jigthings provides all manner of jigsaw accessories for the jigsaw fan at www.jigthings.com
One tip from the experts – sort all the pieces by colour before starting a puzzle