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We look at some of the younger set on Savile Row who are taking it into the future, attracting a new generation of customers, and travelling the world to see customers

Ask Simon Cundey, the seventh generation of simonpic.jpgCundey’s to be at the head of the august Henry Poole, what differences there are in the Row now compared to when his father started and he says immediately “Communications”. 

He goes on to explain that modern communications mean that customers don’t have to travel so much for their businesses, so don’t come to their tailors so frequently, meaning more travel for the tailor. And he points to the speed of communications and other faster aspects of modern life that have brought an expectation of faster service in general. “People are less patient, I suppose,” he says wryly.

But he clearly loves the business and is proud of it and doesn’t mind the frequent trips to the U.S.  “Because customers aren’t coming here so much, it means I have more fittings to take there.  You have to get the trunks poolesuit.jpgwell organised for the different cities and all the paperwork for the US Customs.”

In the old days, Savile Row’s finest would travel over to the States on the old Queen Mary liner but that leisurely approach went out as the jets came in and Simon has a packed schedule for two weeks.

“Competition is stronger now, globally and from ready-to-wear, and in the service that is expected as well. Quality has to be of the highest standard .”

He sees a younger element coming into the Row, both in terms of new customers and also trainees, and believes there is new awareness of Savile Row's excellence and glamour.

Poole's immaculate striped d.b. style, above, and below, checked suit by Richard Anderson.

Showbiz sparkle helps combat effects of the strong pound

One of the key figures in attracting young attention to Savile Row has been Richard Anderson. After classic training at Huntsman, he founded his own company in 2001, which has gone on to be a great success, partly because of some of the eye-catching and outre designs he shows in his window displays.

"We attract showbiz names as well as gentlemen who prefer the subtle Savile Row style," Richard Anderson said. "Our sequin collection, for example, has attracted Bryan Ferry and Sebastian Horsley, among others. And we've had lots of new customers in the 30 to 45 age bracket this year. "

richardpic.jpgHe presents distinctive variations on some old favourites, such as tweed jackets in colourful patchworks and diagonally matched classic striped suits, as well as the conservative Savile Row style in suits and coats.

Seen here at work, he believes the ability to attract new, young UK customers is helping the Row at a time when the strength of the pound is having effect in overseas markets, and says their own home trade has been excellent this year.

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  Winter 08 edition

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FOLLOWING the success of the Savile Row event in Italy early this year, and a smaller event in Paris late summer, plans are now afoot to take the display to Tokyo.

In Italy, Savile Row was invited to put on a major presentation by the organisers of the important menswear fair, Pitti Uomo, which proved to be a great attraction. Specially made suits were contributed by all the top names as well as some of the smaller houses, and the tout monde of the international menwear world, who flock to Florence each season for this fair, were suitably impressed.

The Paris effort took place in the British Embassy in July, during the women’s couture shows, attracting many of the international press to a jolly evening reception.

Now Savile Row Bespo, the organisation behind these presentations, is planning a further sortie to Tokyo next year.