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True bespoke tailoring

WHAT makes a Savile Row tailor different from any other? Training and a passion for making fine clothes. Some may be less practical than others, some may concentrate upon fittings or cutting or may manage everything. Some are not in the Row itself but are part of its fraternity. But they all desire to create clothing individually measured, fitted, made and finished for the individual customer. And they are backed by the traditions and ambience that has been built up in the Savile Row area over a couple of centuries.

That's what makes them special.


Charlie Allen
1 Cooper Yard
181 Upper Street, Islington N1
Tel 020 7359 0883
Charlie Allen was head of menswear at the RCA, and has retained a stylish outlook. He caters for many City types.

Anderson & Sheppard
32 Old Burlington Street, London W1
Tel 020 7734 1420
Legendary name and revered on the Row, this firm is now ensconsed in Old Burlington Street having moved out of the Row, due to development.


Richard Anderson
13 Savile Row,
London W1S 3AQ
Tel 020 7734 0001
Richard Anderson established this firm in 2001 with Brian Lishak - one of the longest serving Row tailors. Regularly displays original style ideas in the shop window.


Benson & Clegg
9 Piccadilly Arcade, London SW1Y 6NH
Tel 020 7409 2053
Across Piccadilly from the Savile Row environs but in the classic tailoring mould, run by Ken Austin. It also specialises in a wide selection of insignia buttons, as well as other accessories.


Gresham Blake
143 Commercial Street,
Shoreditch, London E1 6BJ
Gresham Blake makes for a young clientele and offers quirky styling as well as classic tailoring, made to measure and bespoke.

  Tom Brown
6 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DD
Famous for making for Eton students (where it is still based) and therefore many Prime Ministers. Run by five successive generations of Tom Brown until the present m.d David Coulthard.


Byrne & Burge
11 St George Street
London W1S 2FD
020 7493 9858
The only husband and wife team within the Savile Row environs, both Savile Row trained. They put a stylish twist on traditional designs.


Chittleborough & Morgan
12 Savile Row, London W1S 3PP
Tel 020 7437 6850
Classically trained Savile Row tailors who joined the Tommy Nutter establishment in its heyday. Their own style is slim, with a pronounced shape.


Davies & Son
38, Savile Row, London W1S 3QE
Tel 020 7434 3016
The limited space of this establishment (as for many in the Row ) belies the size of the tailoring fraternity here. Alan Bennett, the genial director of Davies, is host, now joined by Graham Lawless.

  Dege & Skinner
10 Savile Row, London W1S 3PF
Tel 020 7287 2941
Showing that new generations are continuing the Row's traditions, William Skinner runs this house, having taken over from his father Michael


Ede & Ravenscroft
8 Burlington Gardens
Savile Row, London W1X 1LG
Tel 020 7734 5435

Long links with the legal profession. Ready-to-wear range and accessories as well as bespoke.

  Timothy Everest, MBE
35 Bruton Place, Mayfair
London W1J6NS
Tel 020 7629 6236
One of the most internationally famous and successful names, with all sorts of consultancy work as well as tailoring.


Gieves & Hawkes
1 Savile Row,
London W1S
Tel 020 7734 2001
Grandly housed on the corner of the Row, this company continues to have an important bespoke sector, as well as extensive high class ready-to-wear.

  Henry Herbert
5th Floor, 9-10 Savile Row,
London, W1S 3PF
Tel 020 7837 1452
Tailoring by scooter - has tape measure and travels to clients. Or Charlie Collingwood will see by appointment in Savile Row.

H Huntsman
11 Savile Row, London W1S 3PS
Tel 020 7734 7441

This revered name has gone through a number of changes in recent years but is now back on form under new management and with a dedicated team.

Kent Haste & Lachter
7 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DE
020 7734 1433
Veteran tailor John Kent has teamed up with Terry Haste as well as his long time shirt making partner Stephen Lachter.


Andrew Kapetanos
120 Ridge Road
Winchmore Hill
N21 3EN.
Tel 07956122664.
No website yet for this tailor who is sought after for films and theatrical work. Made for the film The Kings Speech.


Kathryn Sargent
6 Sackville Street,
London W1S 3DD
Tel 020 7734 7136
Left Gieves & Hawkes, where she was the first lady Head Cutter, to start her own company.

Jasper Littman
9 Savile Row,
London W1S 3PF
Tel 08456 121220
This tailor has a fitting facility within the showroom of Holland & Sherry, but also travels to customers' homes or offices.

Meyer & Mortimer
6 Sackville Street, London, W1S 3DD
Tel 020 7734 0656
Long established name that can count Beau Brummell as one of its past customers


Ozwald Boateng
30 Savile Row, London W1S 3PT
Tel 020 7437 2030
One of the younger names on the Row with an extensive ready-to-wear collection as well as bespoke.


John Pearse
6 Meard Street, Soho
London W1F 0EG
Tel 020 7434 0738
Highly individual tailor, long established in Soho and much favoured by showbiz, media and art personalities.


Henry Poole
15 Savile Row, London W1S 3PJ
Tel 020 7734 5985
Poole was the first tailoring house to open in Savile Row and celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2006. It continues as a family firm, Simon Cundey joining his father Angus


Mark Powell
2 Marshall Street, Soho,
London W1F 9BA
Tel 020 7287 5498 www.markpowellbespoke.co.uk
One of the popular bespoke tailors for those in the entertainment world, Mark Powell is also one of the most original and knowledgable about vintage.


Malcolm Plews
6 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DD
Website and telephone to be added
Highly respected tailor who recently started out on his own and has moved in here.


Brian Russell
6 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DD
Tel 020 7287 4880
Run by Fadia Aoun, who combines soft make with fitted styling.



Anthony Sinclair
6 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DD
Tel 020 7437 7007
Famous old name that made Sean Connery's first suit as James Bond.

  Edward Sexton
26 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge
London, SW3 1NJ
Tel 020 7838 0007
Famed for his link with the late Tommy Nutter, favours slim fitted line.


Thom Sweeney
1-2 Weighhouse Street
London W1K 5LR
Tel 020 7629 6220
Fine bespoke tailoring from a young duo who have now launched a ready-to-wear collection.


Sir Tom Baker
4 D'Arblay Street,
London W1F 8DJ
Tel 020 7437 3366
Appeals to a rock'n roll and showbiz clientele, with eclectic accessories.

Welsh and Jefferies
20 Savile Row, London W1S 3PR
Tel 0207 734 3062
Prestigious old firm, now with fine ladies tailoring.

L.G. Wilkinson
11 St George Street
London W1S 2FD
Tel 020 7629 5835
Original tailors at what has become a tailoring hub.



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Angus Cundey
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Richard Anderson
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Charlie Allen
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