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We at George Brummell Bespoke Tailors of London pride ourselves on having the experience behind us to confidently advise our clients when it comes to choosing a suit and making those important decisions of style and material choices which will meet their specific needs.

The process begins when the client meets with us to place an order. Time is taken to select a garment material for the weight, colour and design which we feel will suit our client’s build, lifestyle and skin tone. We offer a comprehensive choice from hundreds of the highest quality fabrics, mainly from English and Scottish mills and supplied by Savile Row’s top cloth merchants. All our materials are the best quality available and will vary from the most common normal wearing Super 90s to the more luxurious Super 100s, 120s and 150s: the higher the number the more luxurious and softer the material will be, going right up the scale to cashmere and vicuna.

The client will then meet the cutter who will be responsible for every aspect of the suit-making process. He will take approximately 20 measurements of the client, from which he will cut a paper template using an intricate cutting system. In the next step of the process, the garment is cut out by hand using the client’s template and taking care to match checked and striped patterns where necessary. The item is then trimmed using the highest grade materials possible, from the inside body canvasses to the linings, from horn or mother of pearl buttons to matching silk twist for the hand-made button holes.

The garments are then given to individual tailors who, under the supervision of our master tailor, will make them up for a fitting following the cutter’s instructions. The inside canvas is called a loose canvas, forming a ‘soft shaped’ mould which the tailor needs to take particular care making up because it needs to retain its shape for as long as the coat is worn. This is very different from the usual construction nowadays which sticks the canvas on to the cloth using heat treatments and glue, which means they are unable to retain the shape and style which is associated with Savile Row.

After the first fitting, the cutter rips everything apart, lays the pieces flat and recuts the garments for the tailor. We like to make sure the client is happy and we will only take the garments to the finished stage when this is the case. For new clients, we usually request a minimum of three fittings for his first suit but normally this process can be shortened when the client places future orders because, as the client is fitted, the cutter amends the paper pattern giving us a tried and tested template. This will allow us on occasions to finish the outfit without primary fittings, thus drastically reducing the length of time it takes to finish the suit. In addition, when clients change shape it will not be necessary to make a new template because we can alter the existing one; please be aware that our suits incorporate inlays that allow outfits to be made bigger by 3 inches (7.5 cm) to cater for the expanding waistline.

This very labour-intensive process will take a minimum of 60 working hours to complete. We pride ourselves in our product, using traditional and reliable construction methods to produce an individually made suit by hand which exactly meets the needs and demands of our clients.

The first order for bespoke suit from George Brummell Bespoke Tailors of London can take up to 12 weeks as this may require between one to three fittings before the bespoke suit can be finished. For subsequent orders, the time can be around six weeks, as we keep our clients’ measurements and paper patterns.
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We at George Brummell Bespoke Tailors of

For many, the Almhof Schneider is more than just a hotel… It has been home to the family since 1451.

The Hotel Almhof Schneider is one of the rare family owned and – run 5*****S winter sport hotels in the world.

Spanning four generations, it has been in the family since 1451. The Almhof Schneider has accommodated guests from all over the world who are made to feel at home and have become regular visitors returning year after year. Whilst the hotel has grown and embraces a discreet luxury, one still feels that it is a family business where the sense of being a friend of the family is very much alive.

The resorts convenient position in the village, slightly off the main road and at the foot of the beautiful Schlegelkopf Mountain, allows guests to spend their vacation in peace, meander into the center, put their skis outside the front door and enjoy all sporting facilities within close range.

Indulging its guests is a tradition at the Almhof Schneider. Their focus is on the thoughtful care of guests and serving a refined, contemporary Austrian cuisine. Both kitchen and cellar trust selected quality producers, using only the best locally sourced ingredients. In addition to the award-winning hotel dining room, the two restaurants—the opulent Wunderkammer for a more private experience, and the casual yet elegant Restaurant im Almhof Schneider—meet different expectations. Both insist on the charm of Alpine simplicity, impeccable and attentive service, and dining fine enough to attract discerning locals alongside hotel guests, again and again. The matching wine menu, compiled by “Sommelier of the year 2018” Josef Neulinger shows an extraordinary breadth and width – so much so that FINE WINE London awarded it with 3*** as one of only three Austrian wine menus.

For younger children, a spacious playroom with all-day care is packed with dress-up clothes, games, and other activities and keeps the most curious kids happy, busy, and always attended to. Teenagers can hang out in a vast, somewhat hidden space with huge pouf seats, and a Playstation room. At the end of a day on the slopes or enjoying Lech, children don’t have to be bored by their parents’ long dinners; Almhof offers a children’s table in the library where kids can meet each other, eat at their own pace, and just be kids. 

The New Almhof Spa is built around unhurriedness and lingering.

With its brand new Spa the Almhof Schneider now lives up to the highest expectation of its loyal international crowd. Deeply based in tradition the inspiration for the concept of the new Spa is more drawn from antiquity and its wealth of knowledge and experience in bathing than from trends of recent decades. After bathing, unwind in the relaxation room or fireplace salon, where you can curl up on a pillowy couch as crackling flames emit enveloping warmth. In addition to the classic bathing facilities, our spa is now equipped with a fitness room and a room for yoga, Pilates, Antara, TRX, and much more. In the cosmetic room, enjoy the Biologique Recherche methodology’s facial methods and detoxifying body care treatments – as well as goodies from Nectarome and Royal Fern. Aesop products are used throughout the spa, beginning with Austria’s first Aesop kiosk at its entrance.



Contact Details

Hotel Almhof Schneider Gmbh
Tannberg 59
6764 Lech
Phone: +43 5583 3500

Gourmet Guides:


2018 – 96/100 points for Restaurant im Almhof Schneider

2018 – 95/100 points for Wunderkammer im Almhof Schneider

A la Carte:

2018 – 94/100 points for Restaurant im Almhof Schneider

2018 – 86/100 points for Restaurant Wunderkammer

2017 – 94/100 points for Restaurant im Almhof Schneider

2017 – 85/100 points for Restaurant Wunderkammer

The World of fine Wine:

2017 – 3/3 Stars for the Wine list and Jury Prize 2017 – one of five in Austria

2016 – 3/3 Stars for the Wine list and Jury Prize 2016 – one of three in Austria

2015 – 3/3 Stars for the Wine list and Jury Prize 2015 – one of three in Austria

Gault Millau:

2018 – 15/20 Points for Restaurant im Almhof Schneider

2018 – 13/20 Points for Wunderkammer im Almhof Schneider

2017 – 15/20 Points for Restaurant im Almhof Schneider

2017 14/20 Points for Wunderkammer im Almhof Schneider

LUX magazine

2018 – Best Contemporary European Cuisine – Lech in the Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018


Gault Millau:

Josef Neulinger Sommelier of the year 2018

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2017 – Award in a new category: best Hotelrestaurant

2013 – Award Golden Coffee bean

World Luxury Hotel Awards:

2017 – Awarded the Winner Luxury Mountain Resort 2017 in Austria

2017 – Awarded the Winner Luxury Ski Resort 2017 in Austria

2017 – Awarded the Winner Luxury Mountain Hotel 2017 in Austria

2016 – Awarded the Luxury Mountain Resort 2016 in Austria

Connoisseur Circle:

2017 – The best 222 hotels in Austria – 1st Place in the category winter hotels

2016 – Hotel of the month November

2016 – The best 222 hotels in Austria – 2nd Place in the category winter hotels

Golden Panther Award:

2017 – Awarded the Hotel/Spa national – Icon of the year

For many, the Almhof Schneider is more

British film fans no doubt cheered loudly when Gary Oldman won the Oscar for Best Actor at the 90th Academy Awards but there would have been an extra cheer coming from behind the doors at 15 Savile Row. That’s because the team at Henry Poole, led by MD Simon Cundey, were the experts called in by the makers of Darkest Hour to ensure all the suits worn by Oldman as Sir Winston Churchill were accurate. Oldman thanked his 99-year-old mother in his acceptance speech, saying “put the kettle on because I’m bringing Oscar home”.

Historical accuracy is central to period productions like Darkest Hour so it was no surprise that director Joe Wright and costume designer Jacqueline Durran turned to  Henry Poole & Co, the real-life tailor to Churchill, to make sure everything was correct.

Simon was delighted to pass on his congratulations. “It was a privilege to work on the film with Joe Wright and Jacqueline Durran,” he said. “Congratulations to Gary Oldman for winning Best Actor at the Oscars for his portrayal of Sir Winston Churchill. As Sir Winston’s tailor in real life and for Darkest Hour we took great pride in making the costumes for Gary Oldman and Ben Mendelsohn (who played King George VI), all adding to our great history.  Sir Winston would, I’m sure,  deserve an Oscar as one of our greatest prime ministers.”

British film fans no doubt cheered loudly