Is simple luxury a conundrum, tautology or neither?  Anyway let us move on and indeed up when it comes to elegance and price.  Trust not what the coin can buy.  Accept it instead, wholeheartedly.  For over three decades, Trevor Pickett has been something of a rus in urbe stalwart, affable, hilarious, knowledgeable.  Cheeky too, by the by as he proved when I attended a lunch at his boutique in Savile Row recently.  And his personality is stamped all over his luxury and sturdy leather travelling goods to the simple but outrageously magnetic trinket dishes in smoothly milled leather.  You waltz out of the door, poor but happy, knowing that purchase had to be yours anyway, happy guilt dogging each footstep before you reach The Rivoli Bar at The Ritz for a settling glass of fizz and wishing for a pair of cufflinks from Longmire to start your collection in said bedside trinket tray.