It is an undeniable fact that the Chelsea Boot has had a huge resurgence over the past few months.  True…few are cut to perfection – you’d have to go to Tricker’s, Edward Green, Foster or Church’s for that – you can still find these iconic classics up and down any town. Look out for the news from Northampton shoemakers – the English home of shoes.  Funnel your trousers into them and your silhouette changes entirely.  I always remember images of Hardy Amies’ men’s tailoring where the narrow trousers were carefully stuffed into said boot giving immediately a rather rakish finale.  As I write, my narrow leather pants are funnelled into a pair of minimalist Diors. Of course.  The resurgence of interest in this boot is no accident.  From the Beatles to The Ramones and beyond, the Chelsea Boot represents something quintessentially and understandably English and a perfect partner to suits or casual outfits – not that the latter would be considered seriously by those in the know.  They are indispensible.  Black only, please.