A note on men’s grooming.  With sales of men’s products on the up, continually and more pamper-salons such as The Refinery and Murdock, tending to male hair and skin, it is refreshing to think that even when you can’t high tail it to your trusted favourite you can help your own efforts at home by making your bathroom into an ammunitions store of product for you to command.

Take the choices from Elemis celebrating about 25 years in the business of making male skin more delightful.  With grooming products for men (and beauty products for women) Elemis is ‘defined by nature, led by science’ as they say.  From the sleek range of treats – a skin scrub to anti-fatigue day cream, a daily moisture boost to a marine cream.  All the products are light and gentle and quite honestly, you will notice an immediate difference – whether to soothe or prepare to defend your skin against the elements.

Offering what the company calls ‘a Bespoke Support Package’ it could be the perfect beginning to the day long before you dress.