Have you noticed how wearing several rings at once is perfectly fine nowadays? One surely used to frown at a fistful of gems sported by those of a certain sort. And quite rightly so. But judicious choice pays dividends. Like arch dandy Beau Brummell I also considered the sporting on anything other than a signet ring or, if you were so unfortunate, a wedding ring, tantamount to vulgarity. However, a full set of knuckle informers can look very rock and roll but only if you know where to look.


Trust to the genius of Stephen Webster whose collection takes its inspiration frequently from real and imaginary sea creatures and the brilliant Patterson from The Great Frog off Carnaby Street where he has been delighting clients for over 4 decades. Spice up your classic suit with two fistfuls of skull rings (his speciality) and you’ll see what I mean. Still just want a pinky? Visit Piccadilly’s Bentley & Skinner and consider your purchase over a Darjeeling at Fortnum’s.