Once, I interviewed the wonderful designer, Paco Rabanne.  During the interview, it appeared that he had an aversion to ties and so did not design them.  The reason?  They were, in his opinion, the symbol of the hangman’s noose.  This called to mind a restaurant in Paris where, if you entered wearing a tie, it would be snipped off and nailed to the wall. Sartorial emasculation?  A club or two in London also frowns upon this, apparent waste of, usually, silk.  But what to do, if you actually like neck wear?  Well…Hermes and New & Lingwood apart, there is hope.  Why not opt for a square of silk (vintage perhaps) and it must be this – which folded corner to corner and applied and I mean, applied to the neck – which can inform your outfit?  Into the bargain, affix said piece with a ring – a Stephen Webster would do nicely in silver and black sapphires and surely you have always wondered what to do with that rarely worn ring? Thread it through for a jaunty, 1960s/seventies look.  Very  Motown and certainly, of course, Mayfair.