Jeans can be a huge problem. And yet we look to them to save us from mistakes often, because of their ubiquity and anonymity. True, they confer youth even on a corpse but they also cry out to be teamed with formality. Indeed, they started their journey as working clothes but hey… you’ve come a long way baby. And Denim? Originally from Nimes, France. Team your favourite jeans with strict tailoring and my… you have a look. Ignore the obvious choices and head down to Grey Flannel on London’s Chiltern Street, where (avoiding the anxious brides to be and their mothers – for it is a street renowned for bridal wear), if you don’t find the perfect jean, I’ll eat your selvedge.  I took my dear friend there recently. As he padded about in socked feet from the fitting room, the jeans seemed made for him. He teamed these with a sharp black blazer and is already planning another foray. Perfect!