It might be a given but floral motifs are everywhere this season.  And it might be worth remembering that actually, flowers have never been far from the prevailing trend, no matter what the season.  In the eighteenth century, for example, whole suiting was covered in embroidered or printed flowers.  A prized possession of mine is a silk velvet frock coat — a champagne coloured base with printed forget me nots in sprigs.  Can’t you just hear the guillotine calling? Choose from a panoply of floral delights from Gucci to McQueen, Liberty to Drakes.  We may not wear floral suiting  anymore (well some do) but a hint here (a tie, a cravat a pair of braces, socks come to that, by sock supremo, Happy Socks)  and this is as fresh as wearing a living bloom in your lapel. And if you want to wear a living flower in your lapel – and you should to complete the look — consider a Victorian posy holder.