I was once at a nightclub with the resplendent Pete Burns of Dead or Alive fame.  He was sporting a dress/tunic of deepest black onto which were pinned myriad safety pins configurated to look like steely blooms. And a thought began… Far be it from me to think that these pins were strategically placed to cover holes, an idea sprang. With tailoring there is nothing more than the dreaded moth and general age like than to attack, attack attack the finestsuiting. When one has gone to the trouble of acquiring said sartorial beast the least you can do,  is not only look after it but maintain it too.  So…don’t throw it away, mothed – or not.

I once acquired a blazer in Jaffa orange and black velvet stripes at a Portobello market stal.  On closer inspection, the inside pocket revealed its provenance – Keith Michell.  And the tailor, no less than  Duggie Heywood.  It was so fragile it showed signs of collapse even if you merely looked at it.  Tears and rips appeared.  Stealthily.  Destined for the bin.  No way.  Remembering my encounter with the divine Mr Burns, I bought gold safety pins and not figuring flowers, I made Roman numerals instead, the better to cover the rip wounds in the material.  So don’t throw away beautifully tailored things.  There’s always a way.