Have you ever really considered your wardrobe?  It is of course, unfortunately, a place also for the moth and the spider existing in their own unique eco-system of forage – despite lavender and conkers.  Balls I hear you say… Even Napthalene balls don’t really work.  In this case, treasure the statement pieces in your wardrobe and if you don’t have an example of this… buy one.  The blazer.  Well, what can one say about this staple?  It really is a quintessentially summer look but avoid dad’s slacks – grey flannel – as ageing as ageing gets.  Rely on it, that’s what.  Neat and sharp, pair some Cording’s pastel trews with a dark navy or even black example for a timeless look that the Italians understand intimately but which is truly British.  Trade in the workaday tie for a flounce of silk from Turnbull & Asser or New & Lingwood with a shirt from Charvet, perhaps and you really are there.  Morning to Palace garden party to Annabel’s.  Gold buttons, silver?  You choose.  Just ensure the button holes work.