Mayfair remains top spot on the Monopoly board and top spot for those who want to live in an area of London that is central, sophisticated and yet villagey. These are the qualities that attract property investors from around the world and a new development just coming onto the market is already arousing considerable interest.

“London is a very comfortable city, very accommodating,” says David Phillips, responsible for some of the top property developments in the city. “It has a good legal system, an international community, a vibrant multi-cultural mix, galleries, good shopping facilities. I find other world cities rather disappointing by comparison.”

And these are the reasons why he views government rumblings about introducing more taxes on high end property investors with a certain equanimity.

“It doesn’t seem to stifle the interest in investing here, “ he maintains. “London still attracts people from all over the world.”

in_praise_twoCertainly, there is a tremendous amount of building and development work going on, not just in Mayfair where he is based, but across the city. Savile Row has endured major reconstruction, with works continuing to add a certain frisson of surprise for infrequent visitors finding yet another change in the locality when they next visit their tailor.
Phillips’ latest project is just coming to fruition, a development in Mayfair’s Albemarle Street, adjacent to Savile Row. A stunning collection of five apartments has been created, the work of award-winning architect Eric Parry.

The one-time Buick car emporium in London, this extensive site has allowed Phillips to provide the sort of spacious lateral apartments he helped create in New York, contemporary design behind a neo-classical façade, oodles of space flooded with natural daylight.

“They are designed to appeal to sophisticated customers who will appreciate the architecture, the contemporary design and attention to detail. And the top one, the penthouse, The Mellier, is very special.”

With some five and a half thousand square feet it is indeed special. Over two floors, its jewel in the crown, its pièce de résistance, is a seven metre wide atelier window providing views across the rooftops of Mayfair and flooding light into an extensive lounge and dining area. It is very much Wow. Dancing out onto the 500ft terrace, one might just hear the Berkeley Square nightingale sing.

Phillips is understandably pretty proud of this and the other apartments. A former director of Chelsfield, he launched his own company Glebe some ten years ago, and has gone on to be responsible for a wide range of major high-end developments, to add to the raft he already had under his belt.

He has been described as ‘the thinking man’s property developer’ and puts great store by doing things properly, not cutting corners, and aiming to leave a legacy of quality developments.

The Mellier and its associate apartments is just such an addition to Mayfair. There is unlikely to be any shortage of international interest in the unique designs it offers in the heart of this village. Enquiries through David Rosen at Pilcher Hershman.