A Gallery of suit types for you to browse through

Green Shoots

One of the perhaps most unlikely colours in the suiting and sartorial palette in general is green.  And at the Men’s Collections in January for autumn/winter, green was a palpable hit.  But it’s not only next season, there’s plenty of the green stuff around for… Read More

Don’t Throw it Away…

I was once at a nightclub with the resplendent Pete Burns of Dead or Alive fame.  He was sporting a dress/tunic of deepest black onto which were pinned myriad safety pins configurated to look like steely blooms. And a thought began… Far be it from… Read More

Flowers in Fashion

It might be a given but floral motifs are everywhere this season.  And it might be worth remembering that actually, flowers have never been far from the prevailing trend, no matter what the season.  In the eighteenth century, for example, whole suiting was covered in… Read More

Playing With Patterns

Have you noticed how pattern clash is all the rage?  Look at the recent collaboration between Liberty and Uniqlo – riots of mad blossom, surely impossible to imagine but riotously and wildly exciting and desirable.  In the menswear market more and more clash these days… Read More