Interviews with clients of bespoke tailors – how their style works with their life

John Pearse

Granny Takes a Trip was at the very heart of the cultural revolution that hit London in the Swinging Sixties, a small shop with an outsize influence that was launched in early 1966 by a young trio, including tailor John Pearse. Now ensconced in a… Read More

Tailoring in the blood

Another tailoring name has reached something of a landmark this year.  Charlie Allen is celebrating thirty years in the trade. This may seem a minnow beside the venerable Dege & Skinner, yet it shows how the ethos of tailoring in the Savile Row tradition is… Read More

Bespoke purists

A rich vein of military tailoring runs through Dege & Skinner like a legend through a stick of rock. Generations of smart young men have left Sandhurst kitted out by the company, many to continue as loyal customers for the rest of their lives, and… Read More

Edward Sexton

The word Icon has become much over-used in modern parlance, rather like Hero. But it might well be attributed to the three tailors featured here, who have each retained considerable stature over the years. Interestingly, they are all based outside of Savile Row. Edward Sexton… Read More