The Last Detail

Practical as well as ticking every aesthetic box, the waistcoat is simply indispensable. Decreed by Charles II as an essential element of correct dress, the waistcoat is as plain as it is elaborate, sublime as unfortunately as it can be comic. A waistcoat can be… Read More

Spruce Up!

A note on men’s grooming.  With sales of men’s products on the up, continually and more pamper-salons such as The Refinery and Murdock, tending to male hair and skin, it is refreshing to think that even when you can’t high tail it to your trusted… Read More

On Yer Bike in Today’s Tweeds.

Dashing Tweeds is appositely named.  Owner Guy Hills is, of course, immaculate himself but with his trained eye as a style photographer, one can instantly recognise the attention to detail in his fabrics.  But, it is not just aesthetics that thrills Mr. Hills.  He has… Read More

London Collections

Several designers chose a more voluminous and capacious silhouette for their Autumn/Winter inspirations.  With fur, leather and lashings of velvet on the catwalks, the theme was resolutely rockstar, urban dandy and city denizen.  Of course, Autumn can be rather predictable – layering, texturing and of… Read More

A Celebration of Style

This summer’s high spot was the Summer Party, staged by Savile Row Style Magazine at the May Fair Hotel. A grand gathering of the tailoring fraternity and the tout le monde of Mayfair supped Cattier Champagne and gin cocktails, fortified by some delicious canapés from… Read More