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Why should PM Theresa May have all the fun?  True, she is precisely the only politician to own the allure of leopard, mainly in the shoe department, but this season opt for a leopard print silk cravat or slinky scarf to team with your suit. Release… Read More

Laced & Ready To Go

Whilst shopping with my dear friend, author and raconteur, Tyne O’Connell, we passed through Burlington Arcade by the Royal Academy. Whilst she had her crocodile courts polished to perfection by one of the most trusted shoeshine boys, I noticed that his laces on his glossy Oxfords… Read More

Button It

When it comes to the last detail for suiting, it is often the buttons that are taken for granted. With ready to wear suiting one often finds that one has merely to look at a button for it to fall off. Be a mite experimental. A trip… Read More

Ring The Changes

Have you noticed how wearing several rings at once is perfectly fine nowadays? One surely used to frown at a fistful of gems sported by those of a certain sort. And quite rightly so. But judicious choice pays dividends. Like arch dandy Beau Brummell I also considered the… Read More

Vintage Mintage!

For those who love the idea of yesteryear cut and thrust, when it comes to sartorial style, head to Caspar de la Mar’s Dandy in Aspic, hidden in the depths of the breast of The Stables Market, Camden Town. Yes, we may not have Amy anymore…… Read More