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On Trend This Autumn

Robin Dutt takes a stroll down the Row, and further afield, to discover the must-have styles, fabrics and hues for men to remain on trend this Autumn Trends of course are important – more so seemingly in the womenswear sector. Here, shapes, colours and patterns vacillate… Read More

The Sporting Gentleman

Be it cars or guns there are some added extras that today’s action man cannot afford to be without this sporting season. James Turner compiles a collection of his own exclusively for Savile Row Style Magazine After a long Summer season, although I use the… Read More

Second Skin

Robin Dutt delves into the treasure trove that is the great fabric houses of Europe, some dating back more than 300 years, but always remaining on trend When the poet W B Yeats wrote about wishing “for the cloths of heaven”, we know he wasn’t… Read More

The Crowning Glory

Here Robin Dutt focuses on the crowning glory of any morning suit – the top hat and says you can have any colour you like as long as it is black! Most men find the wearing of a top hat something of a challenge. Tracing its… Read More


Why should PM Theresa May have all the fun?  True, she is precisely the only politician to own the allure of leopard, mainly in the shoe department, but this season opt for a leopard print silk cravat or slinky scarf to team with your suit. Release… Read More