Contents of recent issues of Savile Row Style, and how to order back issues or subscribe

Marie Scott

All of the team at Savile Row Style Magazine were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Marie Scott, founder and long time editor of the Magazine. I was, like so many others, very fond of Marie and her vivacious personality and appetite for… Read More

Past Front Covers

In the world of tailoring, first impressions are everything and it’s only fitting that we’re particularly proud of our front covers. Taken to highlight new trends on the Row while nodding towards its sartorial heritage, they’ve quickly become the ambassador for our flagship publication: the… Read More

How to order back issues or subscribe

Want to order a back issue of Savile Row magazine? Simply call xxxxxx, provide your postal address and pay £5 by credit card and we’ll send it straight to you. Interested in subscribing? Annual subscription (4 issues) is £20 – simply call to provide your… Read More