A Portuguese vintage that is forever English

Port is essentially an English tipple, nurtured from the 17th century on by a succession of English families. It’s funny, how drinks retain certain associations and reputations. Champagne, for example, is still seen as the special drink of celebration, though it has long since passed… Read More

Cocktail City

There’s no doubt about it. Cocktails have become the capital’s dernier cri. Of course, they were always enjoyed in specialist bars and such immaculately magnetic environs as Claridges, The Ritz or The Connaught – these and other bastions of almost impossible elegance, synonymous with the… Read More

A Rosé by other names

Staying at a hotel on the island of Jersey some years ago, I was asked by the son of the lady proprietor how I liked to start my day. “Well, I suppose a glass of champagne is always nice,” I replied. “What a good idea,”… Read More