An Evening of Wine and Song

That fine Australian wine house Penfolds teamed up with the Royal Opera House to put on an evening of quite sensual pleasure at Somerset House, that grand old building beside the Thames. Penfolds must be credited as one of the great wine makers that ensured… Read More

Scottish celebration

Quite a celebration took place on the island of Islay, home to that fine Scottish malt Laphroaig, to mark the 200th anniversary of this distinctive whisky this Autumn. There were tastings and discussions and quite a few wee and not so wee drams taken, and… Read More

The Rewards of Ageing

Collector Peter Dean advises on designing a wine portfolio Drinking wine when it should be drunk is one of the many advantages of designing a wine portfolio that suits you. Having a wine epiphany is the surest way of starting a wine portfolio. It’s a… Read More

Wine & Roses in a French Citadel

Among the many events taking place this year to mark the centenary of the Great War, a small town in northern France that was the site of General Haig’s headquarters has been staging its own commemoration. Montreuil sur Mer, within an ancient citadel that overlooks… Read More