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The Magnificence of Morgan

There are faster, flashier, more luxurious, more expensive and more famous motorcars but to the cognoscenti, nothing beats a Morgan. This small, sporty marque is the automobile equivalent of a Savile Row suit. It is completely bespoke, made by hand to the specifications of each… Read More

A Rosé by other names

Staying at a hotel on the island of Jersey some years ago, I was asked by the son of the lady proprietor how I liked to start my day. “Well, I suppose a glass of champagne is always nice,” I replied. “What a good idea,”… Read More

London the world centre for art and antiques

A trilogy of shows combine to attract exhibitors and collectors from around the globe Preceding the LAPADA show, two other major exhibitions confirmed London’s pre-eminence as the city of art and antiques. The wonderful Masterpiece show took place early in the summer, the fifth year… Read More