Spruce Up!

A note on men’s grooming.  With sales of men’s products on the up, continually and more pamper-salons such as The Refinery and Murdock, tending to male hair and skin, it is refreshing to think that even when you can’t high tail it to your trusted… Read More

Bay Rum Hair

Bay rum hair tonic was once a standard on the bath shelf of the average man, and which is now making a come back. Said to calm the scalp and strengthen hair, it has been used for over a 100 years and is included in… Read More

Face it men need grooming too

The grooming guide for the ultimate gentleman It’s a close shave The barber that shaved Charles Dickens with an open cut-throat razor is now shaving men all over the globe – not him personally, of course, but the brand. While the marketing of brands was… Read More

Lose Fat, Get Fit & Look Better

Personal trainer, Gary Renney sets out the foundation for making fitness an integral part of day-to-day life. Looking in the mirror, the average chap may suck in his cheeks, tuck in his chin, square his shoulders, straighten his back and pull in a paunch almost… Read More