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Flowers in Fashion

It might be a given but floral motifs are everywhere this season.  And it might be worth remembering that actually, flowers have never been far from the prevailing trend, no matter what the season.  In the eighteenth century, for example, whole suiting was covered in… Read More

On Yer Bike in Today’s Tweeds.

Dashing Tweeds is appositely named.  Owner Guy Hills is, of course, immaculate himself but with his trained eye as a style photographer, one can instantly recognise the attention to detail in his fabrics.  But, it is not just aesthetics that thrills Mr. Hills.  He has… Read More

Star of Male Jewellery

Celebrity jeweller Stephen Webster makes men look ’lively’ By Robin Dutt and Milly Lee Stephen Webster is one of the bright stars of the jewellery firmament.  In the wake of today’s easily appraised and expensive jewellery pieces (often for little reason) with prized nomenclatures, he… Read More

Hi-fidelity Headphones

These wireless headphones from Bowers & Wilkins will be a boon for anyone anxious to screen out seasonal songs and jollity. From the P5 Series 2 range, they give precision hi-fi sound, are made in quality leather and aluminium, and priced at £329.99.

23kt Gold Pen

Some people collect watches, some stamps. For pen aficionados, the latest one from Cross would be a welcome addition to any horde. This is a sleek fountain pen in brushed 23kt gold from the Townsend range, and Cross offer a custom engraving service. With a name… Read More