A gallery of accessories for you to browse through

Neck Adornment

Once, I interviewed the wonderful designer, Paco Rabanne.  During the interview, it appeared that he had an aversion to ties and so did not design them.  The reason?  They were, in his opinion, the symbol of the hangman’s noose.  This called to mind a restaurant… Read More

The Case for the Cane

One might be thankful that trends are cyclic.  Not so long ago, no ensemble would have been complete without a cane and every hallstand from town to shire, an explosion of sticks informed, with confidence – intended for day, night, a seaside stroll or the… Read More

Don’t Throw it Away…

I was once at a nightclub with the resplendent Pete Burns of Dead or Alive fame.  He was sporting a dress/tunic of deepest black onto which were pinned myriad safety pins configurated to look like steely blooms. And a thought began… Far be it from… Read More

The Pocket Kerchief

More and more men it seems are choosing to finish off their sartorial suiting with for some, seems an unessessary addition.  Not so.  The pocket kerchief, square or pochette is a visual delight – or can be depending on if you know what to do… Read More