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Planning a promotion to sing the praises of Cool Wool in an English summer might be said to have much the same effect as imposing a hosepipe ban.  Since the announcement of the ban earlier this year, it has hardly stopped raining, and Savile Row’s brave link with the Woolmark company for its Cool Wool promotion in June has been marked by one of the coldest June’s for many years. Well, the event certainly lived up to cool.

In mid-June, some of the Row’s leading lights opened their doors to guests  as part sfourtailors.jpgof the first ‘London Collections: Men’ event being staged by the British Fashion Council. This had a series of shows by various designers and brand names, leading into the women’s London Collections the following week.

Tailors presented Cool Wool cloth and styles in their windows and visitors were able to see the cloth being cut and made up in workrooms.  And the weather was not able to hamper the celebration which followed, as it was heldsfourbeadle.jpg in the covered elegance of the Burlington Arcade, just around the corner from the Row.

Here, tailors co-hosted a reception for international press and key industry figures with the  ‘gentlemen’s requisites’ names of the Arcade – covering exclusive shoes, cashmere, leathergoods, pens, toiletries and watches.

New owners of this beautiful old Arcade, who took over last year, have been carefully restoring it to its former glory. Savile Row, of course, helped, with new uniforms for the sfourarcade.jpgBeadles who keep order here. An example of the detailed work this entailed is shown right.

It was a great party, with champagne and cocktails from the Savoy. It  is hoped there will be a repeat event next year.

At top, tailors from left: Phillip Parker from Poole; Arthur Hitchcock, Anderson & Sheppard; Patrick Murphy, Huntsman; Tim Ward, Dege; Richard Anderson; Edward Sexton; James Cottrell, Welsh & Jefferies; and Lee Webb of Gieves & Hawkes. Above the Beadle in his new uniform made by Poole, and left, Burlington Arcade.


DEGE & Skinner joined in the Queen's sfourdege.jpgDiamond Jubilee celebrations with this splendid window display of the military and ceremonial dress that they have made.

These include the uniforms of ‘The Watermen’ who escorted the Queen up the Thames, and The Queen’s Bodyguard, The Yeoman Of The Guard.The company are Warrant Holders to the Queen as tailors.




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The chaps here really enter into the spirit of the occasion, kitted out in English gent costumes, with bowler hats, boaters, waxed moustaches, pipes and brollies at the ready. Go to www.thechapolympiad.com for info and tickets.