The Urban Warrior hits Florence

URBAN warfare came to the top menswear event in Florence in a warriorpaddedjckt.jpg welter of gorilla styles that reflect just how the fashion industry has been effected by the threat of terrorism.Here were clothes fit for the warrior and the urban battleground.
Even the Savile Row sector included a camouflage suit in its display!
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Savile Row's civilising influence

Seeking relief from the battlefield, visitors flocked to the Palazzo Pitti, across the river Arno from the main exhibition centre in Florence, to tour the 'London Cut' presentation, featuring minihuntsman.jpgimpeccably refined clothes from London's bespoke tailors.

This testament to Savile Row's skills presented new suits and archive models that illustrated the diversity of camouflagesuit.jpgits customer base. From monarchs to film stars, politicians to pop stars, past and present, the styles on show defined the Row's enduring craftsmanship and elegance. But as well as military uniforms there was also a modern camouflage suit.

And a group of tailors also took this opportunity to present a Trunk Show in Florence - attracting some of the world's most style-conscious men.
Camouflage suit by Richard James, check three piece tweed suit by Huntsman.
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RIDING HIGH on the crest of a wave of conspicuous spending - boosted, no ablade07.jpgdoubt, by those City bonuses - business seemed pretty jaunty at the London Boat Show early in the year. Enthusiasts clambered over one gleaming yacht after another, pouring over specifications and luxury fittings. This is one of the models given a dry run, the latest Bladerunner from Beneteau. See Yachts page for feature.

BOATS at the Boat Show might have been high and dry but the stands were awash with Champagne. And just to confirm our taste for fizz and other wines, VINEXPO, the major event for wines and spirits, released figures showing consumption was onaglass.jpg the up. At a rather drier presentation than the boating venue, the latest statistics show that the UK will be Europe's biggest wine market by the year 2010. More information on what and how much we drink on Drinks. Waterford glass,right, by Jasper Conran

TRAINS are taking the strain: More and more travellers are switching to Eurostar, as fears over terrorism, delays due to security and recent foggy weather in London have had their effects, according to figures just released by Eurostar for 2006. And with growing concern over pollution for aircraft, it is a trend that can only continue to grow. See details on Travel.

MOTOR RACING for novices - a full package is on offer from Martindales, the company that puts on the Uniroyal Fun Cup series, acar2.jpgproviding everything from clothing through racing in a single seater racing car and seats for Silverstone, Brands Hatch and other circuits. For enthusiasts, see Cars.

GOLFERS no longer simply hit the ball and hope: The latest technology incorporated into SkyCaddies provides information on the distance to the green, angles, hazards and other details likely to effect results. Hardly seems cricket. See Sport.


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What's in Savile Row Style?? le?
::Casual trends dominate::

BUYERS and style afficionadoes from around the globe thronged the aisles of the Florence menswear trade show, there to see and be seen. They are the Style Stazi, the men, and women, who dictate what will be in the fashionable shops next autumn/winter and like so many devotees on Speed, they circle the halls in a dedicated search for the new.

The presence, therefore, of a group from Savile Row this year, bringing their own detached attitudes to fashion, was something of an anomaly. That they proved to be such a draw  is a testament to the appreciation of quality that visitors to this particular event display.

Savile Row aside, the rest of the event illustrated just how extensively casual attitudes are influencing all style sectors.  Where once the big international suit names dominated the show, it is now the casual wear stylists who attract the crowds.  This made Savile Row’s presence all the more interesting. 

Perhaps seeing bespoke at close quarters will persuade some young Style Stazi to make new judgements.

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IN MAY 2007